Our services


HARTT Offers a Wide Range of Hospitality Consulting Products and Services to Meet the Needs & Expectations of the (4) Key Players in Hotel Industry:

  • The Investor
  • The Financer
  • The Operator
  • The Legislator
  • Project Management for New Hotels

  • Hotel Brokerage Services (Acquisition & Disposition of Hotels –World-Wide)

  • Loan Brokerage Services (Financing of New & Existing Hotels)

  • Financial Feasibility Studies for Hotels & Resorts

  • Marketing Studies for New Hotels

Accredited Appraisal of Hotels &Resorts

Competitive Set Selection and Analysis for New Hotels

Operating Budgets for First Five (5) Years of Business


Managing the relationship between a hotel owner and an international hotel operator is vital to the smooth prog ress and advancement of negotiation and materialization of hotel opening

“First time hotel owners” often are responsible for the “long delay” in hotel progress due to their lack of knowledge on “scope and responsibilities” of hotel operators & their hesitation to advance in meeting the operators demands.

Through our diverse experience in working with tens of hotel owners and international operators, we have been an instrumental mediator between owners & operators. In fact, we can proudly say that we have been salvaging many relationships that was near termination – thanks to our expertise, transparency & understanding of the industry norms.


Managing the legal process between the hotel owner and the international operator is a difficult and time-consuming task.

In fact, it is one of the most “pains-taking” tasks we perform at HARTT. Hotel contracts come in many forms and shapes such as :

1- LOI (Letter Of Intent),
2- TSA(Term-SheetAgreement),
3- HMA(HotelManagementAgreement),
4- TCA/TSA (Technical Consulting/Services Agreement),
5- LA (License Agreement to Use Hotel Brand)

Our Services Include: Summarizing the Agreements Translating Agreements to Arabic

At HARTT, we walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk with hotel owners. We explain to them the norms of such contracts and assure them, based on our knowledge of such matters, that “they are not giving up their rights” to the operators. Instead, they are passing a “big-headache & responsibility” to the operators.


HARTT Consulting takes a credit in changing the mindset of many hotel owners and investors in Saudi Arabia to understand and appreciate the added value of international hotel operators.

Most hotel owning individuals come from the “residential & commercial” sides of realestate and are used to “leasing” their properties to the highest bidder.

Unfortunately, this is not how international operators work. Their contracts are “management of behalf of the owner,” and consequently, they become partners with owners in profit and loss.

At HARTT, we pride ourselves in converting many “realestate-mind owners” to “hotel owners” through proofing to them in numbers and monetary figures that they profit with international operators more on the long-term.